Not a new thing. This has been going on for a while. They use anything menthol.


I'm 24 and my friends and I have done this multiple times when we party. Until last time my friends eyes started bleeding and we had to take her to take her in


Not about breezin'. But, at my brother's school they take a handful of Dramamine to make their drunkenness or high feeling more intense.


a party group at my school was caught and suspended for it


I've tried this a while back when high on marijuana. The feeling was phenomenal but it's really stupid to think about how dumb I was.


I'm a high school teacher right after high school. I heard some students talking about beezin and just assumed they were talking about smoking pot


i am 32 and we were doing that back in high school except it was with carmex


I knew kids who would do the same with Vicks vapor rub when they're rolling on ecstasy


The term all natural isn't regulated by the FDA. So any company can put that on their product and it literally doesn't mean anything.


regarding the beezn topic; I want to thank you for always making us aware of these issues. It is greatly appreciated.