my aunt has been faking MS for going on 25 years.

I was in an American Sign Language program in college and my professor told is a story of getting out of speeding ticket pretending to be Deaf.

My sister faked needing a wheelchair in Disneyland and got front of line for every ride!

several coworkers faked disabilities and then went to Las Vegas on FMLA. They were dummies and posted pictures on facebook... We didn't see them on Monday.

my brother in law fakes back injuries from a car accident over 10 years ago so he can get painkillers to sell them.

my sister has been faking it for years because she wants the attention, and the church is footing the bill for rent AND all the medical tests

 I'm 41 and when we go to Disneyland my kids take turns faking a disability so we don't have to wait in the long lines. We get to go in the wheelchair

my brother passed away almost a year ago. I have his handicap placard and use it from time to time. I have no shame.

my mother in law stole her grandpa's handicap pass out of his car when he died and she pretends to have a disability every time she uses it to park

coworkers mom died 18 mnths ago.She still uses deceased moms handicap plate4everything.Parks by front door@work

 My grandma has been faking disability for over 30 years even convinced different doctors. She could work just lazy and would rather lie.

My friend faked a disability to take a motorized cart from the store. He tried to drive off the property with it. The store clerk chased him down

My cousin's wife faked she had leukemia. Faked the medical records and everything!

I know a guy that used a wheel chair to skip lines. Now he's paralyzed from a car accident

New associate at the firm faked cancer & chemo to get a break for not making billable hours

my friend used his diabetes as an excuse not to work and tried to get disability for years. There's no issues with his diabetes except he is lazy.

I know somebody who fakes disability and has for years. They use their disability money to buy numerous pets in a one bedroom apartment.

my cousins wife faked she had leukemia.