My friends husband moved out 2 yrs ago. She refuses to date hang out or talk to a guy. The kicker is she refuses to file for divorce. MOVE ON!


my friend went CRAZY after her guy broke up with her.. He had to threaten a restraining order. It's been months and she's still not over it


I met a guy who's 2 year relationship just ended. He cried so hard he got a nose bleed. Sick! man up!


I dated a guy for six months 3 years ago, I'm 7 months married now, and he still can't stop talking about how much I "hurt him". MOVE ON BRO


my husband asked for a divorce (2nd time) had it filed within 2 wks, as soon as he found out I was talking to some1 else he is begging me back every



divorced over 5 years she's remarried and has a kid he still wears his wedding ring and such a place for her at Thanksgiving dinner


my ex husband is still hoping we can get back together. IT HAS BEEN FOUR YEARS!!! He does not realize how over I am with that relationship.


my girlfriends ex wont let go. Comes around and wants to trip down memory road