I had an instructor that always ate fish for lunch and then would come and talk to me. I was pregnant and had really bad morning sickness

I have bad breath. No matter how often I brush no matter what kind of paste I use. Mouth wash floss. Does not matter my breath always stinks

my husband had horrible breathe! So I convinced him to come to my dentist appointment and then had Dr Hadfield tell him and offer to treat it

without fail.. my co worker has the WORST breath.. I havent said anything but occasionally ill offer mints her her.. she never takes them!

Salesman at my work has horrible breath cause he drinks tons of coffee and smokes cigars. i avoid him and I'm glad he only deals with customers on the phone

got a lady at work who smokes and eats doritos all day. Getting sick of smoky cheesy chip smell when she has to talk to me

MY BOSS!! And he's an oral surgeon!! Seriously dude! You're rich, invest in some mouth wash!!

My daughter told her husband and he still hasn't done anything about it even his friends have told him he has bad breath

a supervisor@work has horrible breath AND personal space issues.Its been years I tell him to back the frick up now


I went to a salon got a eyebrow wax and the girl had horrible smoker breath and hands. So gross I asked for someone else.

My husband has the worst breath...even after he just recently brushed his teeth! I don't get it.

me and my wife were in the middle of the dirty dance when I told her not to breathe so hard because her breath stinks she said sorry and we got back to it
My brother in law always has horrible breath like the sour milk smell. We try to tell him and all he says is "Well I brush my teeth."

my spouse. Oh my hell its awful I avoid kissing at all cost it wasn't that bad before we got married

my ex boyfriend had the worst breath all the time. He wouldn't brush his teeth regularly a I told him he couldn't talk to me if he didn't brush them

my ex husband used to for MONTHS, it smelled like he had eaten rotten poop! I told him to check with a dr, turns out it was a bacteria in his stomach

My grandpa has horrible halitosis. I don't tell him. I dodge him. I also ask my hubby if he wants a tic TAC

Years ago we had a bishop who had terrible breath , we referred to him years later as bad breath Bishop