my BFF is always buying motorcycle and boats, thinking he will be happy. huge house, thought it would = happiness... He's broke and miserable

MultiMil $ friend always a new house cars trips jets still not happy

My in laws are like that. Live in PC. They have no brakes and it's turning into just tons of debt and they think that the materials will make them happy

my aunt and uncle have one kid and a huge house. They sold that house for a bigger one. They have several cars and always buying new ones

my friend and her hubby want their friends to think they have it good. They drive a Lexus and Range Rover but live in a trailer park in magna.

My uncle has always had a strong completion between his brother because they are both dentists, he just got a new house that he didnt need with like 5 acres, a pool, batting cages, golfcourses, basketball platforms etc...

Neighbors built a huge house by the temple in Draper. She said "20k square feet just doesn't look that big on paper!"

my husband is ALWAYS talking about wanting a nicer car, he drives an Infiniti, not like it's a junker!

my brother has the brand-new house the land the property all the cars brand-new $60,000 truck and is up to debt to his eyeballs boobs for wife

My exhusband. We made 6 figures and were living paycheck to paycheck. Part of the reason we're divorced
My uncle works three jobs to support his family while his wife my aunt sits on her butt and she's cheated on him and she's never happy and wants more