My friend over analyzes everything! Then she gets upset all the time. Well I call her my friend, but really she just annoys me.


my sister!!!! You can't tell her anything without her losing her mind!!


my mother is always offended when you're teasing her but if it anyone else she is all about it it


My brother in-law is dating a girl who is exactly like this. We always have to watch what we say and do.


I might be this person. I think language is important and shapes the way we view and treat people, even on a subconscious level. If someone makes a racist or sexist joke or comment I always call them out


 I had a neighbor from Hell everything i did said offended her...whether it be my kids, something I wear, our don't wave to her...what a nightmare 


I have recently become aware that I AM one of these people. I'm not vocal about being offended but I internalize it and resent people for offending Me


my mom in law is always offended over something. Seriously she is NEVER happy


my SIL is always getting offended over ridiculous things but rather than addressing it she just quits talking to you for days or weeks on end. 


My sister in law not only does she get offended easily she's very opinionated and makes a point to purposely offend others.


My girlfriend, I say "you look nice today babe." She says, "just nice huh? Okay then."


My best friend is so sensitive to the point I have to stay away. She is always crying over simple comments people make (actually crying)


 I can be easily offended if I don't like the person--then everything out of their mouth offends me!


step mom got offended because I didn't call her back on MY birthday. Blocked me on Facebook and dropped insurance.


this girl I work with.... omg. Allll day long she gets butt hurt. She is the biggest bitch.. but if you do it back she doesnt let it go


my dad writes letter to everyone! Including a haunted house that I attended!

my ex's mom was offended by everything - including Barbie (who is nasty because she has boobs) and Ellen Degeneres. Ellen was hosting the Oscars


my cousin is like that. I had friends over one night and we were fighting do I didn't invite her. She found out and got so offended she threatened


my dad is always offended with anything people say. Growing up we always had to walk on eggshells around him.


my sister is pregnant and gets offended by everything we say to her. Then she get defensive and offends us.


oh my mom!!!! Ugh! So embarrassing! Freaks out on everyone