My ex and I are not on good terms. Been apart 4 years. My new hub and I bought a house and my ex's wife works for the builder. My ex had her take him in my house after it was built and he told my kids "I saw where your beds are gonna go"

My ex will go into my room and look through my movies AND books my new husband Freaked

My ex husband would show me every single naked pic he could get girls to send to him. He even showed me one said it was his favorite. Cause it reminded him of me.

Ex 4 years came from mn to see our daughter...knock knock came right in !!

Mother in law has no boundaries, tells me and my wife in front of everyone that we should go take a shower together and have our "married fun"

My ex-husband constantly walks in to my apartment even in the middle of the night. He looks for food or sex! I even found him cooking food when I got home.

My husband's ex feels that everything is her business. When we got our new car she went down to the dealership and asked what we got for our trade-in, what our credit score was, if we had a co-signer, how much we paid for our vehicle, etc. The sales man didn't tell her anything, but I was floored
I had a friend who walked up to my husband and literally took our new born son out of his arms, talk about boundary issues..

Last summer my neighbor showed up on my porch every night after I got home from work and just sat there.

This guy that I work with is WAY TOO touchy feely. I work in fast food and it's hard to make moves on coworkers with customers

Our neighbor likes to walk in our backyard whenever he wants. He thinks he's king of the street because he grew up there.

This girl in my dance class was obsessed with me for half a year. She'd constantly put her head on my lap and grab me whenever we needed partners. Even tried to kiss me a few times. Eventually I told her off and she yelled at me in front of everyone for being over controlling

My mother-in-law does not understand that we are not church people. Every time she notices my wife is not wearing Jesus jammies, she goes and buys her new pair.

I had a boss who would call me at all hours- waaaaay early in the morning or super late at night. He even called me on Christmas and whenever I was sick. Even after I quit, he would call me at 7am for about a week until I set firm boundaries

My boyfriend's ex comes to his house every morning and watches their kids AT HIS PLACE all day, sleeps on his bed and showers there too