uncle's wife divorced him because he lied about having an MBA and how much money he made she was sick of living the lie

my friend's husband lied about having cancer to keep her from leaving him. I threw a fundraiser, etc. Now charged with fraud

Married to.my ex for 10 years and he would tell stories about being a former semi pro baseball player, had jobs as a paramedic but no license

I dated a guy lied about being deployed to Afghanistan and kept it up for 8 months. Found out he was married and with a family.

 I have an uncle that lied about his degree from BYU and committed massive business fraud with a fake degree. jail time.

My mom had her uterus removed. 10 yrs later, she said she was preg- the baby "attached to her liver". Moved to PA to hide. I flew there& discovered the lie.

I have a cousin that has lied about being pregnant. Even went to lengths of having a baby shower

Coworker tries to convince new hires she got a full scholarship to Juilliard in NY but quit from weak ankle.

my dad told our family that he played baseball through out high school and even went to college to play but stopped because he tore his knee open

My friend said he rolled his jeep down the mountain. I walked into his garage and there it was fine. He tried that it got fixed in three days

this girl I know had a baby that has CHD. She always posted pics to Facebook. Turns out she didn't even have a baby and stole the pics from another person