My ex mother in law is one of the most intelligent people I know. PHD, makes 6 figures! BUT that woman can't even get to the grocery store without her gps. She's lost her purse and wallet at least 15 times. And is never on time

My brother in law gets almost all A's in high school but is just so slow. He didn't understand that he had to replace his oil in his car and that's why it broke. He always says "wait...what?"

I work with cardiologists that couldn't make a copy or send a fax to save their life. Yet they save lives every day. No common sense.

My brother is a honor student with a masters degree in science he does not know how to start a car.. He's 23 he learned he just can't do it..

My sister has her masters degree in nuclear engineering... She was vacuuming under her dresser with a handheld vacuum and ended up sucking her hair up and needing stitches in her head.

I refer to my entire wife's family as the dumbest smart people I know. It's painful to watch then have conversations with people.

My brother is on the deans list in college with perfect grades and runs a family business but then put his finger in a tomato chopper to stop the blade from spinning... WHAT!?

The hubs did not know how to use a staple remover until I taught him 2 weeks ago. He's 27.

My husband graduated at the top of his class in vet school but I will not trust him to do the dishes after he used the wrong soap in the dishwasher. Suds everywhere

I work with a Microbiologist and he can not operate the scanner on our copier. I have to show him how to operate all the time or he breaks it. Very frustrating, no common sense at all.

I have a high IQ and a college degree and do dumb stuff all the time. Once I left my car running while at work. Ten hours in a public parking lot. Smart

My uncle tested at genius level iq in kindergarten and he runs out of gas all the time and can't balance his bank account

Knew a guy in med school who needed his porn fix so he left the house leaving his infant child sleeping in the crib for an hour.

My boss is a genius but lacks common sense, one day he came out as I was unloading a truck and after a few mins he said to me, Kevin it has 18 wheels! I said why do you think they call it an 18 wheeler. After a long pause he said ohhhhhhhh! That makes sense.

I have a buddy who just graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering and no joke the dude cant even put together a 2 pole camping tent Haha love ya dougie