Gary Coleman

My Uncle was a firefighter and he fell out of the truck and passed away

My good friend just died 2 years ago it was said she slipped and fell in the shower hit her head and ended up face down in the shower and drowned she passed away at 26

My cousin climbed over the fence at the grand canyon and fell to her death.

Billy Mays.

My husband's cousin was drunk one night and was trying to slide down the stair rail and he fell three stories and died

My uncle fell down a flight of stairs in a parking garage and died. He was 42.

One of my best friends from high school passed Away over the summer falling from three story window trying to get in his apartment because he was locked out. He was only 21! RIP Cody!

My father-in-law slipped on ice at a hockey rink and died from injuries from his fall. 48 years old and is missed beyond measure

My great uncle bent over to pick up his napkin that he dropped on the floor and smacked his head hard on the table in the process. We thought he was fine but died later that night

My brothers woke up early in the morning for work. Tripped and hit his head on the entertainment center and died

My brother in law fell of the house putting up Christmas lights in Orem and died about fifteen years ago. He was thirty

My best friends grandma fell down her steps outside and completely smashed every bone in her face, she died a few days later

My friend Amber was celebrating her 30 b-day..slipped off the stairs on her deck..last I knew, she was a vegetable..she left behind 3 kids

Friend just got mission call and a week later had a stroke which made him fall and hit his head on a table which killed him instantly

My uncle fell down a flight of stairs on vacation with fam. Passed instantly

I had a neighbor who was in his late 50s who fell off his ladder while trimming a tree. He hit his head on the sidewalk and had severe head trauma.
I know a family who's 6 yr old fell and hit his head and died. But the weird part is, he knew he was going to die for weeks before it happened. He would tell his family not to be sad when he was gone.

Knew a pharmacist. Fell down her dark stairs. Hit her head and died. Her organs were donated.

I grew up with a kid who died at 11 after he fell off of his scooter and slid under a ups truck. He died hours later from internal bleeding.

Friend went repelling. Fell a hundred feet. Died at twenty in zions.

My neighbor was stringing lights on his roof he leaned too far over and ending cracking his skull and breaking his neck

My dad fell on the ice at a ice rink, passed away 2 weeks later from a head injury.

The principle of my high school fell off the roof while doing Christmas lights, hit his head and passed away

My friends dad was golfing and fell out of the golf cart and died. Freak accident

I have a friend that beat cancer, two weeks later he slipped getting out of the hot tub and died

My mother fell down her stairs ..8 steps. We were told she wasn't going to make it. She miracously did. 5 yrs later fell again in her dad's home who had just past away. (3 days prior) She passed away on 9-11.