GUILTY If the bathrooms don't have changing tables you have no other option.

MY WIFE ALWAYS TRIES TO CHANGE OUR KIDS IN PUBLIC PLACES I HATE IT. And when someone looks she yells "perve"

My sister in law changed her son's diaper right on the table of the restaurant!! I about died! We had finished eating, but what about the next customer

I was a server and went to clean my table after a family left. They were very kind to leave a tip and a poopy diaper on the table for me

Well a lot of restaurants don't have changing tables! U gotta do what u gotta do!

At a restaurant in Provo when a mom put her kid in the middle aisle way and started changing his diaper

I do it all the time! If restaurants don't have the courtesy to put in changing tables, why should I have to crawl on the bathroom floor to change a diaper?

Watched a women try it on the table. They stopped and led from the look of shock I was giving them. ON THE TABLE!! I have kids and you go outside.

I agree she shouldn't have done that but I think the restaurant should take some responsibility for not providing changing tables.

If a restaurant is not equipped with a changing station in the bathroom, I would totally do this!

I'm a flight attendant and people leave dirty diapers in the seat back pockets all the time! Sick!