Among many things, my bro and I had a sitter who made us watch a horror movie about beheading. When we got scared she said "Its not scary, its funny!"


had a babysitter that was a secret bulimic stole $250 from me out of my bedroom closet drawers and had a warrant for unpaid tickets. Holy cow!


Had a babysitter that decided to help themselves to some cd's and some rx meds too.


I had a babysitter who made us look at porn with her


Back when they had cloth diapers my moms baby sitter purposefully put the safety pins through her skin. She was Psycho!


my sitter broke my mom's water bed and blamed it on me. When I told my Mom it was really her she washed my mouth out with soap for lying.


had a babysitter that taped my six week old niece's binky to her mouth because she didn't want to keep it in!