My best friend took her life 7 months ago because of her addiction. It's been devastating. I was the last person to see her alive

My 4 year old son lost his mother from heroin overdose. She had been through rehab and had been clean for about 5 months then got back into it again and overdosed. She was only 21 and it's only been a year now

My ex husband was addicted our entire relationship. I tried to help as much as possible to help him quit. He ended up so addicted he robbed two banks for it.

My brother in law and my uncle are both addicted to heroin one lives off of methadone and the other just can't get away its something we struggle with as a family

My boyfriend is recovering. He lost his job as an officer after 8 years, his kids, his house and car. I'm a major in health and rehab so since we've been together he's gotten back on his feet and come a long way back from the pits of hell.

I'm 5"4 and 99lbs herion has ravished my body and destroyed my life in every aspect. I can't stop and don't know if I want to! I'm that in love with it
My sister who is 20 is addicted to heroin. She's got a little 3 year old daughter. She hasn't been mentally there since the baby was born

My 20 year old niece has been addicted to heroine for 2 years. Shoots up daily several times :(

I lost two friends and ended a 4 year relationship to the love of my life because if heroine his life has been nothing but a down hill

My sister just lost her 3rd son to drugs. I don't know how she gets strength to go thru this but she is a rock.

Heroin ruined my family. My ex-husband started w/pain pills and progressed from there. We have 3 kids w/no dad (not dead, just gone).

My boyfriend was a heroin user for years before we met. He is from the east coast and said the majority of his upscale friends were into it. They had unlimited amounts of money and that's what they would spend it on. He struggles with the addiction everyday. He has been clean from heroin for about 2.5 years

Best friends husband died from heroin abuse. He had been clean for 13 years and finished his life on methadone. He left a wife and 3 daughters to pick up the pieces. It hurts everyone!

Cousin died at 20 from overdose &had a 6 month daughter and my Mom is a current user who will betray anyone just to get high even her own kids.

My older sister has been in and out of prison for prostitution and drugs since she was around 13. When I was in high school she had a son die addicted to heroin when he was 6 weeks old but it actually let her down the worst path. still in prison to this day cannot break a habit

I work for a local fire dept and I've seen a rise in heroin overdoses. There is a very dangerous batch in utah right now

My first boyfriend died in an overdose three weeks out of high school

My daughter was addicted to heroin for over a year. She would steal from us constantly. She is now clean for over year

Heroin it's evil. I lost a childHood friend to it. My brother is a current addict. I know so many people who died and are addicted

My boyfriend has been an addict for 10 years we recently celebrated his 2 years of sobriety last month and then he relapsed last week

Worst decision ever I got high at first but then I was just getting to feel normal and not withdraw totally change my life that was 10 years ago and I'm still paying for it by getting off methadone

My mom's been a heroine addict for 35 yrs. I've been around it my entire life. Had to raise my younger siblings after my parents divorced. CPS never took us out of the home even though she would disappear for days and I would find hypodermic needles around.

I'm a nurse and I see people try to die every day because they love heroine so much. Their bodies are dying around them and they don't care

My sister is 35 years old and has lost everything to heroin, her child, house, job, husband. She is in and out of jail. It breaks my heart, but she is the only one that can change her life. I worry one day I will get a call that she is dead