Spoiled teen- my sister would whine about needing a NEW Phone while my parents were broke & on welfare!! Friggin brat!!!

My siblings both dropped out of high school, my father is an enabler and has given them money, cars, phones and anything they want! They are both adults and have never had a real job!!

When I was graduating from high school one of the girls in my class got a Camaro but because it was the wrong color she threw a fit and refuse to let her parents come to her graduation until they change the color and got the one she wanted

It's that way here in Plain City. All the kids think they are privileged. Parents pay for their lunch,gas and clothes. But yet come into our store and steal. Happens almost weekly.

My sister-in-law she's not a teen she is 21 years old and she still refuses to work or to go to school to get any type of career her mom still buys her everything from $60 shirts to $150 shoes she refuses to move out to be independent in anyway

My stepson took his dads snowmobile out without permission and wrecked it. He then told us that he shouldn't have to pay for it because stuff like that just happens.

I was a cheer coach in PC and one if my girls showed to practice crying she was upset cause her parents bought her a brand new BMW but the leather interior was the wrong color brat

I went to high school with a girl who got a brand new car every time she wrecked hers. My friend and I counted she went through 6 cars by the time we graduated

I agree completely with you! What a slap to the face.... We give our kids everything.... Just put in an in ground pool, cause they want their own! After this I am done!

My younger sister cried when she didn't get a smartphone she is 11

I told my girls as they getting ready for graduation I be home changing the locks

My aunt and Uncle are millionaires and they treat their kids well but their teenagers have jobs and they know it's their parents' money, not theirs.

One of my sons friends, on his 16th birthday, received a brand-new Audi A4 which he promptly totaled within a week. He wants to know when mom and dad are to replace it

I have a teen that is 16 and me and his dad is divorced and he told me since you guys divorced why do I have to suffer and only go off one income. I wanted to smack him

My first boyfriend's parents bought him a brand new hundai sonatra when he turned 16 and he intentionally blew the clutch out because he wanted a nice car. So they went and bough him what he wanted. My parents would have killed me and left me with nothing. #richkidproblems

I was a spoiled brat when I was a teenager! Didn't think the rules applied to me and I still cringe when I think of how I acted. Youth is wasted on the young.

When my sister was 16 my parents gave her a car. She wrecked it 2 months later and then asked when my parents when they were going to buy her another car. She is now 22 and still feels like the world owes her!
My best friend in high school had a fit when her dad gave her a black Mercedes for her 16th. She wanted a white BMW. SPOILED! We're no longer friends

Unfortunately I was a big brat....ran away from home my senior year..I told my parents if they bought be a car I would come home, they bought me a car I can home and hated the car they bought me. If I could go back I would beat the crap out of myself for acting that way.

A girl in my town just turned 15 and she got a huge party "quinceanera" and they gave her a brand new range rover! What 15 year old gets a brand new range rover!? Spoiled brat

My sister would do something like that she is a spoiled brat and always gets her way because when my parents try to give her rules she starts bawling and threatens to call the cops she actually has called the cops on my dad for yelling at her for not coming home at her curfew. I actually printed that story out and had my parents read that of the girl suing