my boyfriends best friend came home from out of state, he lived with no job no money on their couch not paying anything. Refused to get a job. He deserves a rest, kicked him out and he wouldn't leave still.

my mother in law used to ask me for money or to buy stuff from her pyramid schemes. Had to tell her off for it to stop

my husband's half brother and his wife mooch off everyone. He's almost 28 years old two kids and still lives at home with his parents

my grandpa is a huge mooch. He has borrowed 2 TVs from me and I find out later he sold then on ksl for the money

 I have a buddy that "forgets" his wallet EVERY time we go out to eat. We have to spot him all the time.
 i have a friend that constantly is borrowing things and always either looses them or returns them broken. The whole family is like that

I have a friend to mooches favors. She'll post on Facebook, anyone going to the red Butte concert tonight? As soon as someone replies, she says great

my uncle has "borrowed" 30k over the years and is now not talking to my grandpa because he won't let him use his truck not even on fathers day

step sister that has 4 kids and only her hubby works. They are always asking for a ride, or if there are leftovers at family parties

 I make a hundred K and I'm definitely the mooch and my family

one of my friends likes to come over and always asks me if she can have my old bras

work with a 55 year old lady who is always asking people to buy her lunch and grape juice. Constantly talks about how broke she is. Ugh! Effing annoying.

my bro in law is a mooch. No job, not going to school, still lives with dad and he's almost 30.