My mom on put money in my brothers account for Diet Coke and his cable bill. Not to mention he's on her cell phone plan and he's 45.     
On our honeymoon my husband called to check in with his mom to let her know we arrived safe. He did that everyday.     
My husband would ask for a back rub and if I wasn't able to rub the way he preferred he would call his mom to come over. When she came he would lay down on the floor on his belly and in front of me she would mount him and rub his back until he was satisfied. Needless to say this not the only way she interfered in out marriage. We'll be divorced May 22.
I have a friend who is such a momma's boy that he takes his mom to all of his first dates     
My hubby is such a mammas boy that he still takes his laundry over to her house to her every Saturday because he think she knows how to get them cleaner       

My coworker is the biggest mama's boy; his mom works in a different department and she buys his lunch everyday, buys all of his clothes, and covers his car insurance...He is almost 30 years old.     

I just got out of prison and my mom sent me money every month for coffee and clothes and honeybuns

my ex is such a mama's boy he use to have to call her every morning at 7 a_m and check in. Now we're divorced and he is dating women that look like she 20 years ago