Whenever we are with my mother in law she waits in my husband hand and foot. Then asks if i take care of him. He loves it and I hate it. Hes a big boy.     

My little brother is almost 30 and still sits on my mom's lap. He also calls her a minimum of 3 times a day. Cut the cord already!!!     

My ex boyfriend moved back in with his mom, we were over there and she was taking clothes out of his closet to iron them & asked if there were any others that needed it. Then he asked me if I was gonna be as good as his mom! I said "I will NEVER be his MOM!"     

My ex fiancé mom still has a password to his bank account and asks him about his purchases. He is almost 30...     

My husband is such a mama's boy he told me this weekend he would pick her over me needless to say we're going to get a divorce men grrrr      

My brother is such a Mombasa boy we call him the Kim kardashian of the family.. One time I went over to my mom's n told her I was hungry she told me make a sandwich my brother came over 10 min later n said the same thing and my mom was like "here sit down let me make u a sandwich what kind of bread n cheese do u want" lol I love my mom n brother both but yeah he was 24 than n could of made his own sandwich like me     

My mother in law still makes lunch for my husband and buys him things at the store he wants.

My mother-in-law is so Norma bates & Husband is Norman bates...they have the weirdest relationship... #MommasBoy