I'm the score keeper, but it's only with chores. I've learned it's the only way for my husband to actually do chores!

I am a scorekeeper in a way. If you didn't come to my bday I'm not going to yours. F U mike!!! Hahaha

 totally a score keep when it comes to money. Well you got new brakes so I need a new iPad

my wife is a score keeper with everything and brings it up to win arguments

It SLOWLY goes back and forth, but definitely the cat litter. She's done it once in the last month.

YIKES me and my husband are totally that way! When I buy something for myself then my husband thinks that he needs to buy something for the same cost

I constantly remind my ex the score when it comes to our kid. :/

My husband will only keep score with family events. I have a big family and there is always sometimes going on. He can only handle so many.

my husband is a score keeper, well I work take care of the yard and I did the laundry last time

 I'm definitely the scorekeeper when it comes to housework. My husband and I both work full time, so I keep track of how much he helps clean

my wife and I keep score on who has changed more diapers throughout the day. We have 2 kids in diapers.

My GF tries to keep a casual score on meals and gifts, so lately I've just been overwhelming the scoreboard in my favor. Working pretty well. -Joe in WJ :)

I keep score with just about everyone in my life. But I also have type A personality.

my boyfriend and I have never said it, but we totally keep score with foot rubs. We ALWAYS know who owes whom. He's currently in the lead

my father-in-law is the scorekeeper for the family. If he doesn't get anything nor should you.

my father-in-law is the scorekeeper for the family. If he doesn't get anything nor should you.

Constant battle on how many times I put the kid to bed vs the husband

My hubby Is a score keeper when it comes to sex, have to keep a log and remind him we do it 3 times a week. We both work full time and have kids

damn right I keep score. Together 10 yrs. Flowers under 5x

my cousin. She's been to 4 of my birthdays and I'v been to two of hers Every fight I hear about it. Ugh

My wife is definitely the score keeper and lets just say i owe her whole lot. ;-)

Girlfriend is. She stays at home with our twin boys. I never hear the end of her needing favors in return of her watching them while I work to support our family.