my ex husband has my name tattooed right above his junk...have fun explaining that one buddy!


I have a tattoo of my hubby's name near my junk, but I got it when we were just dating so phew... Good thing it worked out! 


I had a one night stand with a girl I worked with. A week later she had my name tattooed on the left butt cheek claiming ownership.


My friend had one above his junk but they broke up so he put one of those red circles with the line through it like the non smoking signs


My friend tattooed her ex's name down below. Let's just say her days of waxing are over


I tattooed my ex name cynthia next to my package also saying all you can eat. I since then removed her name and have my wife's name Alyssa. ;)


I convinced my girlfriend to get my name downstairs, even though I knew we wouldn't work out.


I tricked a high school ex to get my name right above his junk I ran into him after years He still has it and still single


 I have my ex's name in kanji lettering on my butt cheek also have a tattoo of his lips on the mound of you know were


My friend has her ex husbands name in very large letters right at the panty line. It creates an awkward moment when she is with someone for the first time


 I have a friend who hot his fiance name right above his junk while he was at basic for the military. Then weeks after he returned they broke up


Did and got a cover up! I've been asked a few tones why I would ever get a tattoo placed there. I just tell them I was young and dumb!