Neighbors kept their daughters first bowel movement.. They asked if I wanted to see it when I was over babysitting once. I tried to say no as nicely as I could, but I think they could tell I was disgusted.

Creepy Memorabilia- I have my grandma's glass eye. I used to hide in places to creep my ex husband out. Lol

I was a marine over in Iraq. During a raid I found a lighter with the twin towers on it and Bin Ladins face and a plane flying into the towers. The kicker was that when you would light it the towers would glow.

I have a business card magnet for josh powell

I collect skulls

I have a bowl from Saddam's palace. It had the regime emblem on the bottom

My mom works at the courthouse and she ended up with a tree stump that Ted Bundy carved his name in. Been at our house for years

Buddy has a Nazi WW II knife. There were lines carved into representing the number of Jews killed with the knife.

My aunt has her aunts dentures and plans to use them one day.
Binoculars taken off a dead German soldier from WW2

I have my deceased father in laws fingertip that he cut off with a saw in a jar in my basement

My grandfather served in WWII in Germany. They were able to go into one of Hitlers homes. He took a set if silverware that had Adolf Hitlers initials

My mom has a fetus in a jar. Our house before we moved and it was owned by a doctor and she found it in the basement and then just kept it.

A guy shot himself in the head in the church parking lot behind my house. After the cops left my dad went over and found the bullet with blood and goo on it. He still has it

My mom kept her grandpas dentures.. Kind of weird.

I have barb wire from the concentration camp where Ann frank died. My wife hates it!

My co worker wears her dads finger on a necklace around her neck on

Business card of Josh Powell found it at work. It has picture of him on front smiling at you

My father in-law has the full nazi flag that was flying at Hitler's compound. His dad got it when he captured Hitler's bodyguard.

I've kept the circumcision Rings for all 5 of my sons and the belly button stump for all 6 of my children I think it's normal they think its weird

I had an uncle whose father committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. My uncle carried a piece of his father's skull in his pocket.

My grandma has my dads bloody shoe from the day he died.

My mom kept her uterus post hysterectomy in our fridge in a container that looked like a cream cheese container, needless to say when I went to make my bagel and cream cheese for breakfast, I found out the hard way that it was NOT cream cheese

My toenails fell off while running several miles while wearing too small of shoes and I kept them. My husband made me throw them away