this person hi jacks my facebook. I need to get this person off my newsfeed.

my best friend!! We'll be having a causal conversation then she'll say "guess what?!" And that's when you know she's about to complain about her life

drama I got 30 seconds to tell my friend I was engaged. The rest of the conversation was all about her and her boyfriend drama. Nice

 I had a coworker that would always turn my conversations about them If would drive me nuts. She left a few weeks ago! Good riddance!

Have a long time friend who can't talk about other people. Her life is so dramatic and never lets up.

My grandma has a visiting teacher to come to visit her yet talks about herself and her kids the entire time - doesn't even let her get a word in

lady at work every time someone gets sick it's about her and her "" the cancer which happened about 10 years ago

My coworker always has family issues. Last time was yesterday when she kicked her sis in law out of her house for having drugs a paraphernalia

my coworker is going through a divorce and we can be talking about anything but eventually it comes back to her divorce.

my mother in law is like that

my sister in law! Everything is about her and her drama.. It's completely random.. We can be talking about lunch and she will bring up someone at work

I'm probably this person I don't mean to be :/ sorry friends

 my grandpa passed away and my friend asked me how I was, before I could answer, she went on about her family drama

When I told my friend I was engaged she got all upset and went on and on about how lonely she is and so sad that she'll never see me anymore. I'm sorry??

My mom! You name it, she'll complain about it. Last time it was how she didn't want to work a full 8 hours every day.

Had a former FB friend that loves drama so much she will get into a new controversial kick every week ie vaccines, diets etc. latest is male circumcision

I was telling my friend about my surgery, he turns it into how he's depressed & is selling his house to move away. Waaah

At my wedding my sister-in-law decides to make our wedding about her and shows up in an arm sling. I found out later that she didn't need her arm to be in a sling she just wanted to take the attention away from us on our big day.