My family has always thought my sister and I have really really strong intuition with people close to me. I can feel when something bad is happening. Like I doubled over in pain when my grandpa died of a stroke, I also could feel that my best friends mom had had a heart attack. And when my other friend was in a serious car accident. I know when something bad happened before it does. It's happened to me my whole life

I have dreams about people and in the dream something important will happen and it ends up happening in real life.

I believe my 7 yr old son has a Ability to see dead people/spirits. Ever since he was able to speak he would be able to tell people about their loved ones who passed away.

I can predict if something bad is going to happen 1 hour of advance

I have a journal next to my bed. I have dreams about people/events n write them in my sleep. My fiance started looking the ppl up & its unsolved cases/missing ppl from other states. I hate it big time. I see things that nobody wants to see!

I see small clips of the future sometimes. Never anything important, though. It is different than deja vu because when it comes true, I can remember back when I saw it happen in my head. At the time the clip comes in though, my consciousness doesn't register it clearly. So it is a pretty useless psychic ability.

While I'm driving, I always know when I'm about to see any cop. Never fails.

A lady I work with is good friends with a psychic who claims she knows where Susan Powell's body is but Susan doesn't want her to tell anyone

Shortly after my dad died around a lady approached my aunts and started asking questions that no one would know unless they knew my father this lady was from out-of-state was here just visiting she knew my dad talks like Donald Duck she knew that he was heavyset she knew that he died from cancer she told My aunt that she could talk to people on the other side I honestly believe there are people who can

I have always been able to talk to (usually older spirits) who tell me when disasters or evil things are about to happen

Before a death or something really harmful is going to happen to someone I know I always smell a funeral home for weeks before the incident. It hasn't failed

I'm sensitive to spirits, after a few encounters I can figure out who they are. Even with the living I can feel each spirit differently. hard to explain
Knew my Dad was going to pass away and now see him and hear him and can converse with him.

My husband has pre cognitive dreams. He dreams things days before they happen. It is weird.

I dreamed my cousins husband was gonna tell her he had been cheating once they went on their cruise, two days later, that happened exactly.

A psychic told my younger brother that should trust his gut cause he has the power to predict the future.

When I was little before caller ID existed I could always tell who was calling on the phone and would answer the phone, hello so and so. It freaks my dad out

Ever since I've been little I always know when deer and cops are around. I can just sense them

My right ear rings and then goes deaf right before something really bad happens to someone in my direct and extended family .....

I talk to the dead.. I hid it for a long time but just recently came out to everyone.

This woman I work with constantly tells me about the spirits that are following me and she also told me a story once about how she beat up Satan because he was a floating head......soo.. theres that

Don't know if it constitutes psychic abilities but I have dreams about normal everyday life and it somehow happens in my day to day life. Constant deja-vu

I can read other peoples mind