I totally have stuff sent to my work do my husband doesn't know what I buy!


I used to ALWAYS get packages sent to work so my hubby didn't know how much I was buying/spending. My co worker was even worse, she had something delivered LITERALLY almost every day!! She said she would put everything in her trunk and then sneak it in when her hubby wasn't home so he'd never know!!


I'm a dude that's obsessed with hunting so I have all my hunting gear sent to my office so my wifey won't find out.


I totally had some lingerie sent to work. It wasn't for my wife...


My aunt sends her stuff to my house so her new husband won't know. And never even asked me!


Okay, I'm totally busted! You caught me!



I ship my shopping addiction to work all. the. time. Its so bad my coworkers had an intervention. :)


Hell yes- I have an amazon addiction. Daily boxes. I get it alllll sent to work. LOTS.


Pretty sure my husband has expensive shoes and camping gear sent to him at work. He thinks he's so clever, but I'm onto him! Ha ha ha!


My dad is Notorious for sending packages to work!! My mom totally knows about it and doesn't say anything... Instead she'll just flat out go shopping and buy what she wants--he's just not very observant to her "I've had this forever" wardrobe. =)


I have my car parts shipped to work so my girlfriend doesn't find out thousands every couple months


Hey its Doug the DHL delivery guy I deliver stuff almost everyday to people's offices going to the same person and it gives us a description of what's in it cuz its internationally shipped and it has nothing to do with work