My MIL hates me! Wouldn't put hubby on their insurance when we bought a car cuz my name was on it. Sends me nasty texts, AND they refused to go to our wedding.


My MIL made us have a rehearsal dinner after our rehearsal. She made it very clear during her "toast" that I am not good enough for her son 



Mother in law says I'm not allowed in her house because of a comment I made on fb defending my sister



My mother in law made me cry at Disneyland. Is there anything worse?!!



My mother in law has accused me of having an affair with my father in law! Ew! NO!! I took him to pick up a uhaul trailer 


My mama drama is that my mother-in-law is a perfect little Asian wife and she calls me all the time saying that I need to make my husband breakfast lunch and dinner. Clean the house and hold down a full time job. She doesn’t even work. She tells him to divorce me. 


Only child with a helicopter mom. She had a really hard time letting go when I got married and it started to affect my marriage and I have to tell her she isn’t welcome in the room when I have my baby


My MIL called DCFS on me making everything up, (DCFS case closed nothing wrong) AND telling my husband to divorce me. I think she wants to take my kids away from me. She tells me im evil.