I am recovery sheet iron. I am now down to just pillowcases !!

my husband has OCD and not only does he alphabetize his music he listens to it in alphabetical order by artist! I think he is on "h" right now.

One of my extreme OCD habits is vacuuming my broom after sweeping. The broom just isn't clean enough/free of debris

my OCD is that when I go to the store I buy almost everything in 2's. I dont know why. 2 milks, 2 deodorants, 2 shampoos, 2 toothpastes, everything.

My husband irons our pillowcases. My husband irons everything!!!

 I use different sides of the towel for my face and body.. Can't stand scrubbing my body, then face...

my father has to work out four hours morning or else he will literally go crazy. He currently has 5 bulging discs and a fractured shin but that won't stop

When my brother and I were little, we had to wash the rocks that lined our patio making sure they were not dirty or full of leaves..

 I have a friend who never spends $10 bills. She puts them in a drawer and won't cash them.

 I ironed my money. And they have to be in the same direction

I had a boss that washed and ironed her money every day.
 I check my front door to make sure it's locked probably seven times before I go to bed. It drives me crazy! But I can't help it.

 if clothes have been work outside of the house I make myself or my husband change clothes and socks before getting in bed. I don't like a dirty bed

I have to have perfect vacuumed lines in my Carpet. No one is allowed to step in my carpet or ELSE!!

I floss my teeth before I get out of my car. Every time. I never have to worry about waking around with cilantro in my teeth

I have to drive in the same lane on freeways and roads no matter where I go. The same routine and if not I feel insane. Lol
My almost father-in-law has a carpet rake anytime you lay on the floor Or make new prints other than the designated walking area

my girlfriend color codes our hangers to the colors that are hung on them and they have to all be facing a certain way

my friend combs her bathroom rug!! Lol. We teaser all the time.

when I listen to the radio the volume numbers have to end in a five or zero or I can't listen to it

my wife and her siblings used to wake up Saturday mornings to the doorbell ringing uncontrollably. Their mom would scrub the doorbell button once a week.

my step dad scrub his garage on his hands and knees
My uncle puts everything in a ziplock bag before he puts it in his garage can!!

I was at a friend's house helping prepare gift bags for a shower, and her mom made us iron the tissue paper before crumpling it up and stuffing it

HAVE to shower twice a day. Cannot leave the house without or go to bed without showering. I've tried. :(

I eat everything in even bites and clockwise on my plate. My food can't touch and when I eat M&M's I have to eat in pairs of matching colors.

I had a neighbor that would trim their lawn with hand scissor

I have to eat even number bites

 I have a FRIEND.... Who showers and immediately puts up her hair if one hair touches her neck she has to shower again!!!

 I have to run at least 8 miles every day.

 my grandpa lines his garbage cans with newspaper