domestic violence with my hubby. He constantly plays a victim


my husband and I fight over EVERYTHING. Especially money. His money is HIS money. My money is OUR money.


My parents always fight and I am the last kid at home so I get to deal with it all. This fighting has been has been going on heavily for the past 3 years


my roommate and her boyfriend fight over everything, disciplining children, money, how's work. The worst part is they will fight in front of everyone.


hubby's parents and constantly having money issues and they make bank. Who bails them out? Hubby....


My 22 yr. And I fight constantly..he wont work he has a kid, I financially support. Thinks I should support him til I die. Might be sooner then her thinks.


My grandparents have been married for over 50 years and have screaming at the top of their lung fights every single day


I was in a horrid relationship for over 2 years. A patch of my hair actually turned grey after just 3 months in. Since it ended, the color has slowly gone back to normal


my bro in law's baby mama is NUTS! She creates tension everywhere she goes. Physical & verbal fighting, not good for a new baby or dad


My wife is a huge slob. It drives me crazy and we constantly fight. Don't understand why she can't clean her crap up