My husband's ex wife. That B be crazy!

Ran into my husband's old girlfriend, years after they briefly dated, in a bathroom at a bar and she totally started yelling at me. I just laughed and walked out. Get over it!

There is a woman who kept trying to break up me and my husband's engagement before we got married. if I ever saw her again I want to claw her eyes out

My finances ex girlfriend is EVIL! We got along at first. I tried to be the bigger person. But then I got pregnant and she said I will have to live with the biggest mistake of my life forever... BITCH!

I have a current beef with my boss it's a daily relapse Monday thru Friday! She knows I can't stand her

The mortgage broker I worked for owes me 3,000!!!!!! I would lose it if I ran into him!

I had this bully all through elementary, jr high and high school. And even got a restraining order against her mother after she threatened me. If I ran into her now, I would definitely say something.

I have a beef with someone. One of my supervisors was out for me and got me fired from an old job. If I ever ran into her out in public I would not be nice & I might even say something.
My best friend of 30 years and my now ex husband cheated on me if I ran into her again I would probably beat the crap out of her

One of my best friends slept with my girlfriend shortly after we got together, and continued to sleep at my house every day and mooch off of me after. Wouldn't have any hesitation saying something if we saw each other

My friend from my old job started telling my boss lies about me and the other manager. She got our jobs but because of that half the staff quit.

An old supervisor stressed me out so bad that I about lost my voice by ripping vocal cords that tension was so much. Oh yeah she better watch out if I ever run into her

Was in a treatment center when I was really young let's just say there was an abusive staff member there. Now over 10 years later I'm much bigger and have consistently trained and competed in martial arts since I was small. Needles to say if I see him.. Possibly the ass kicking of the century

I had a girl back in high school tell me that she had cancer and was dying. Years later, she confessed that it was all a lie and she did it because she wanted my attention. I couldn't believe it.

My ex broke up with me the morning after we hooked up. Once a month he still friend requests me on Facebook and if I see him in real life I'm going to punch him in the face

Former office manager: I just about sued the company over him, If I ran into him I would bust his lip open!

I have beef with my sisters ex but am court ordered to not say anything to him other than third party communication about their son! If I could say something I would say a lot probably a good thing it's court ordered!

I was introduced to the other woman after I had the marriage annulled & thought I'd lose it, but she was so kind, I couldn't do anything but accept her apology