on new years everyone was posting pictures of them and their wives. Mine posted a pic of him and his beer. He got upset that I asked him about it

 I took a pic of my wife after she had our baby in the hospital, she was sleeping with her mouth wide open. It didnt go over well with her or the mil.

she gets mad when I don't like her photos on fb or insta, when she knows I don't go on there regularly

my friend set this up when they divorced so they couldn't say bad things on FB. They each follow their kids and it's part of the agreement of not mak

 my bf got so upset we almost broke up when I tagged us taking our CCW class. He didn't want ppl to know he was getting his concealed weapons permit
my ex husband posted a list on facebook titled, 'to do list' and on the list one of the tasks was, "find a way to piss off the wife" his whole family

 my husband is in politics. Sometimes I can't help but comment about his constituents. Each time I do, I get a quick phone call from him telling me to delete

my husband posted a picture of a hot looking girl on his motorcycle. And no it wasn't me. I was secure enough and not worried about it, but boy did