We had a cat I rescued at 3 days who went crazy and climbed, literally climbed, our brick walls! And if you tried to get too close to me, he'd attack you!

My cousins a long time ago had this dog named Cugdo but he was possessed I saw it and not in a good way they ended up getting. Rid of the dog

My parents have a wolf mix and that thing is pure evil.

Grown man I have a rooster scares the hell out of me love hate relationship

My parent's Chihuahua tries to attack anyone it doesn't know. My friends all refer to him as the little devil dog.

My mom had a shizu that hated me and only me. He would constantly bite me really hard and would growl like crazy when I would hold him. My husband "accidentally" lost him lol!

Im scarred of my parrot! Every time I try to let him out of his cage, he jumps out and runs me trying to bite my feet

Mother in laws dog is very protective of her however its 90% blind and deaf so it just randomly attacks people. She refuses to put it down. Hate that thing!

I used to have a cat that would full on attack me every time I shaved my legs!

My dads dog is bipolar...you never know if he is going to lick you or attack you and when he does he draws blood! It is terrifying.

i have a goose that will chase you and peck at you. I run from it and it still chases

My parents have an evil parrot that chases the kids around and tries to bite them then when they get scared or cry the parrot starts laughing

We have a shih tzu Dotson mix that has it out for every man that comes to my house.

I have a hymalian, Siameses Cross cat and he looks and acts sweet. However, periodically he has psychotic outburts. Bites my ankles.

Everyone is scared of my mom's tiny dog who's so old so and growls at you, and will bite at you of you show affection to my mom.

I have a siamese male cat who is so mean he was asked to not go back to the vet after he was fixed. I have to hide him from people because he will attack

My boyfriends cat will randomly attack me when I'm home alone with it. I have to carry around the broom and usually end up locking myself in the bathroom

My grandparents have a bird that will hide under their bed and attack your feet if you walk by. Everyone has to wear shoes in the house

My dog is in little son of a bitch and I cannot stand to be around him because he attacks me all the time. He is a Shih Tzu

My boyfriends cat is the devil you can't walk past it without hissing at you you can't even look at it without it trying to lash out at you

My parents have a cat that hates everyone but my dad. Nobody else can pet her. If you try she will lunge and bite to draw blood.