Reitenour...they used to say rent for an hour

Seana. (Pronounced Shawna)

Chynoweth is said (shinoth)

I have my name butchered all the time. It's Belamy

My name is Aubrey and people say Audrey

Last name is Molawka (mo law ka)Its commonly called malowanky (mall o wanky) really?!?!?!

Nunez (noon-yez) I've heard noons, nun-es and nun-az

My name is Risa Tanaka. Like Lisa but with an R. When they handed me a certificate of recognition they spelled my name riska tanakada

During my wedding the minister kept calling me Darian, my real name is Darin

Last name is Crouch. An elementary teacher thought it was Crotch. I was too shy and embarrassed to correct her

My name is Melyssa and I don't even know how many times my name has been pronounced Mel-LIE-sa. That's not even a name!

Tivoli. Tiv-O-lee. :)

My last name is Ossmen I get assman, Hoffman, and osmond all the time

My sons name is Adar pronounced aid-er. Everyone calls him A -dar ( like far).

My sons name is Keanu (just like Keanu reeves) but people call me canoe.

My name is Deana Everyone calls me DeAnna!

My Name is Ashleigh I get alesha or pronounced like sleigh

My name is Sumer pronounced Summer. But the call me Soomer.