I write down a list, and sometimes I will be looking at it and be like oh crap I forgot so and so. Lol. I am 26. My spouse knows about almost all of them.

Im 23, my list is 17 and its with accidental one night stands

Ya I have a list which id Never ever use im 34 my honey knows about it

I have a list :-) 13 men and I am 25. Safe sex is the key people!!!

My husbands sister had a list and when it surfaced he found out a lot of his best friends from high school were on it

So I'm a 40 year old female and I have a list of 16 names and all on my phone ... Just keeping track !!!

I dated a girl that had a list of 120 man she had dates and places she slept with them there was a total of 125 people she's 25

I've made a list to try and remember some fuzzy nights and it has 14

I have a list, my husband knew about it. When we separated he held it over my head

I have a list, I'm 25 and I have 11 on my list boyfriend knows, don't think it's weird

I am 23 I have done a list and I have 10 men and 6 women on my list

I am 25 I have a list. My number is 17 and my husband thinks it's 5

32yrs old, tried to keep a mental note but lost track after 13. Worse, I can't remember 3 of their names. "Long hair guy, hairy chest guy & bald guy"

I am 31 years old, I have a list sorted by people I dated vs 1 night stands, there is 21 people on the list my hubby doesn't know but he's lucky # 21

I'm 25 and when my husband and I started talking about getting married we decided to share our list with each other. Mine had 9 his had 37 or more.

35 with 55 on the list - can't remember all the names - yikes !!

My best friend has a list and she is 41 and has 332 the last time she mentioned it.

Me and my girlfriends (24-27) have a list of guys we slept with, and kissed....only one of my friends list is long and she has to think about it

29 with a list! Something about that wild past of mine that's fun and edgy

I had a list. Now I'm 36 and hell no my husband didn't know! I probably wouldn't be married if he did! Lmao from ages 18-30 I had quiet a run. I ended at around 42 give our take. I had to throw it out when I got married.

My husband does not know, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to, lol.

My list is in my desk drawer. 22 on the list and i am 37. When i am bored at work i look at it and reminisce.

I was in my mid-twenties at a bar I wrote it down on Bar napkin

I'm 29 and have a list and no my husband has no idea.

I kept a list for years there were 43 men on the list I'm now 28! I hide it behind a picture in a frame next to my bed!

I have a list. Seven people and I'm 34. Even if you haven't been with a lot of people, it's a horrible feeling to all of the sudden "remember" one.

Tampon box is where its at never find it