Yes, I'm worried!! My husband has a coworker "friend" who he admitted months ago that he's attracted to & she's attracted to him too. When he cant trust her. She has a history of falling for married men, also drinking & then sleeping with her ex's.


Exactly how I met my fiance. Put him in the friend zone for a while and now I'm so happy we took it to that next level.


my boyfriends best friend has become a close friend of mine and I'm worried something might happen between us.


I divorced my cheating abusive husband and I am now marrying one of his (former) closest friends


my boss! I didn't really even think of him as a real friend but on a work trip he had a serious conversation asking me to help him not cross the line


my husband used to work with an older lady who would email him after she no longer worked there. He said it was harmless but I told him she needed to stop


My best friend & I did cross the lines and it ruined our friendship. We are no longer friends and now I wish we had not.


I have a friend who is a guy. I sometimes wonder what would happen if I wasn't married….because I have a secret crush 


I personally went through this. My ex reconnected with an old friend and they ended up having an affair together. I always knew something was going on


My wife has had a "gay" best friend for years. I've never met him till two weeks ago. I was on my way home from work and they hit into me!