I once hooked up with a 21 yr old who wanted me to give him a "foot job". It was weird. One and done.

Guys if you're kissing the whole leg you gotta kiss the foot! Foreplay 101

I had dated this guy years ago and when we were getting done to business "sex" my leg was in the air and all if a sudden he sucked my toe was like ewww! I didn't know what to do.

I never knew the first day that we met with my husband touched my foot and inconspicuously smelt it that it would lead to what it is. DB you wanted this so I'm going to give it to you. and now he smells them while he's getting off. And finishes all over my toes and while we're out and I'm wearing stiletto s/ sexy shoes he gets aroused.

My husband sucked my toes the first night we went out. (I had known him for a while) It was love at first suck. ;-)

I had an ex who would only make love from behind so he could 'caress' my feet. That relationship didn't last long.

Not always but a good big toe sucking while she is ....you know....is a fun time. Gotta change it up sometimes to keep it fresh right?

My husband is all about feet! I always have to make sure they are perfect and clean because when we fool around instead of using my hands to get him going he likes me to use my feet and rub him in between my feet. I don't think it's weird but it defiantly doesn't turn me on haha

Im a local Dom. I have many clients who pay me to worship my feet.

My husband and i are both feet lovers!! I found my soulmate. i love it!

There was this kid in high school who was obsessed with toes and instead of asking girls for nudies he would ask them for foot pics..

Im not into feet. My wife is. When she wants me to suck on her toes i want to vomit. Its a real downer

I had done everything possible with this guy & the last thing was making love to the arches of my feet.. not to erotic for me

My husband loves to suck on my toes right after I take off my shoes. He says they have a specific scent.

Husband into my feet. In fact, this morning I slept in an extra 10 minutes and got a "foot rub". He likes when I wear heels too :).

I love man feet. As long as they're clean and taken care of. Sucking on them while they're up in the air is the best. :

One if my best friends loves feet & regardless of how gorgeous a woman is, if her feet aren't sexy he will NOT date them! We are great friends with random benefits & I'm totally fine with the AMAZING foot massage that precedes our love making :-) He LOVES it when I rub my feet anywhere & everywhere on his body!!

But we have played with them. Biting the super sensutive bottom of the arch and the the toes can be very exciting!

My fiancé has very small beautiful feet! Almost so perfect they need to be kissed and worshipped!

I'm 28 and have had a foot fetish as far back as I remember.

I found an ad on Craig's list for a foot fetish model I thought it was a joke so I called it wasn't a joke so I went once for him to take pictures which was weird but the next time he wanted me to go he asked if he paid me more if he could suck on my toe.. so creepy I stopped going even though it was good

I like to suck some toes! The moisture the feet with a nice massage. Then push the feet together and lube then up and use the nice shape of the arches to completion....