I was eating popcorn and bit down on the kernel and it broke my tooth in half

Broke a tooth in half from Doritos

Tortilla chip not chewed enough sliced my little guys throat

I had a twizzler and it tore open my stitches from my tonsil surgery. A trip to the ER and a blood clot. No bueno.

I got second a degree burn on my chin from the cheese on pizza! The cheese came off and stuck to my chin and under to my neck.

*Food Injury* At the NASCAR race in Vegas last year, guy in the camper next to us choked on a piece of steak, past out & fell on the bumper of a truck, he ended up passing away... :( so sad!

My brother tore his esophagus on a piece of chicken.

I ate a piece pizza and it was extremely hot and some cheese got on my lip and burn it now I have a scar from it

My mom loves lindt truffles. she used to freeze them and one time she bit into one and cracked two of her teeth.

Was eating some very dry jerky and when I was ripping kinda sideways out the corner of my mouth it suddenly gave and it cut the corner of my mouth!

My husband recently tore his esophagus by eating a sandwich with multi grain bread. :/

My sister got a sliver from a crab leg at Christmas dinner, big dumb idiot

French bread cut my lip. Bloody mess.

Eating fried fish in Brazil, got a fish bone stuck in my throat, scratched it and needed mild surgery to get it out. I still love fish!

My friend broke her tooth on a bone from beef jerky

When I was little I ate a piece of fish and got a bone stuck vertically between the roof of my mouth and my tongue

I burned my mouth on donut when I put it in the microwave to make it warm. 3rd degree burns!

Used to roast Starbursts in the camp fire. Didnt let it cool enough and got stuck on my nail. Blistered under my nail. Hurt sooo bad.

I made ravioli in the microwave at massage school. Went to get it out, the lid popped up and the juice got on my hand and I had 2nd degree burns on my Palm. It was entirely covered and a blister two inches high. Needless to say I was out from massage for a month. Lol     

My one year-old aspirated cauliflower and had to have it scoped out of her lungs. So sad!

I was eating hot cheetos and I swallowed it whole and I couldn't talk for a while.

was on a plane going to a wedding . Opened up peanuts with my teeth. My front tooth flew out. Whole wedding toothless