My brother was fined $400 dollars for his driveway being cracked, which cracked because the home builder did it wrong! Wasn't even his fault!

My HOA checks our backyards to make sure we have no weeds. If we do they fine us. The most ridiculous HOA I've ever had

We got fined 300 for having out BBQ on our patio. Saratoga springs

I'm selling my home and my HOA president came at me for listing "too low" even saying she was going to list hers now and take my "would be Buyer's"!!!

My HOA just sent out a message saying they have the right to shut off our water if we don't pay our HOA fees that would suck to not have water

A friend of mine got kick out for having half a mexican flag and half a American flag hanging on her flag pole

We got fined because a patch of our grass was yellow. Also we got a notice that our grass was too long. Lol. :)

The color of her garden hose wasn't an HOA approved color

We live in a hoa community and our house is in a coulda sac, the HOA left a more on our door and it said we need to paint our door black because all the houses in our coulda sac were black. If we didn't wed pay a 50 fine

HOA president didn't like me and eventually tried to claim my dog bit a landscaper who was working on the grounds. She took it all the way to court where her bogus story didn't hold up. The "landscaper" ended up being her friend. She was kicked off the HOA board and I made a counter claim and sued her.

HOA wouldn't let my special needs sisters bus come through the gate to pick her up!!!

We had a guy who wasn't even on the hoa board and would go around banging on fences to provoke the dogs to bark then report them to the hoa for fines

my first month there ..during that time my car had an oil leak so I parked it out side. next thing I knew I got I fine for a leak mark on the street.

Put energy efficiency windows in. HMO bitched due 2 the fact they were white not beige!. We fought and said u want 2 buy new ones fine! We won. They shut up!

I had a frisbee on the balcony, when I got an official letter to remove it from the ledge or vacate..messed up