My best friend purchased a gigantic bounce house while she was on Ambien. She had no idea until it was delivered to her front porch. She decided to keep it

my ex was taking ambien, he ended up sleep walking into a neighbors unlocked home. Ended up getting arrested for breaking and entering.

I would text 10+ people a night on ambien..The funniest one "You need to climb the rope so the boulder doesn't crush you" Indiana jones reference? Hmmm

My mother-in-law took her ambien while driving because she thought she could beat it home before it kicks in. She woke up in her driveway

My first sergeant took Ambien and then drove while sleeping. Crashed into someone, beat them up, beat up the cop who showed up and woke up in jail

 I have cut my husbands hair. Gave my dog a bath and cut her hair. Apparently I am a successful beautician and professional dog groomer while on the Ambien

My ex used to take ambian, he would go on online shopping sprees and spend hundreds of dollars

We sometimes call my mom "Ambimom" because she gets really loopy at night. We often found food crumbs all over the kitchen in the morning

My ex would bring up all the house plants into our bedroom then blame it on my grandma

my wife woke up after taking half an ambien, and there was an order on the credit card from an adult website, she had purchased a couple battery operated toys

My mom took an Ambien while we were out to a fancy dinner and she started talking to people with clam shells in her mouth and chasing the bread boy

Woke up in different clothes then I went to bed in. Asked my husband he informed me we had sex. Have no memory of it

 I have self tanned myself lol woke up with self tanner all over the sheets, into the kitchen and on the couch ;)

 I was relations with my husband on ambien and told him I wanted to go out side like dogs do and howled like a wolf

took ambien for years, had to give it up when my boyfriend took mine, climbed up on the roof, and fell off. Trip to ER.

My friend was on Ambien and went to Wendy's in just her underwear to get a frosty.

decided to throw away everything in our apartment made tons of trips to the dumpster for hrs in middle of snow storm in my Mormon Jesus jammies on ambien

after I took ambien I hallucinated about mice crawling around my room for what seemed like hours. My roommates hated me at night

my mom sent nudes to here best guy friend on ambian. I laughed and she still can't live it down

my friend was telling me when she takes Ambien she drives to different men's houses and sleeps with them. Her kid has to hide her keys. Lol

my husband cooked meatballs and made a mess in the kitchen. He doesn't like meatballs

My mom takes Ambien all the time and unknowingly eats during the night. One time she fell asleep gripping a handful of m&ms that had melted all over

 I used to take ambian and when my husband and i would wake up the next am, all the drawers And cupboards in the kitchen would all be wide open

My ex on ambien hula hooped naked on the bed for my birthday a few years back. Not his finest moment! He was SUPER reserved so it made it even funnier...

Found my ex in her car passed out in the middle of an intersection

Took ambien and woke up the next morning cleanly shaven- Brazilian wax style.