I dislocated my thumb doing burpees.


Watched a girl try to txt on the treadmill and she flew off into the machines behind her. She left quickly... It was hilarious!


I hurt my hand in spinning class, yep you heard me right. Lol


My husband went to the gym and there was a ladies at work out group on the treadmills and when they got off one of the women left the treadmill on so when the next guy went up to get on the treadmill he didn't know it was on still. Apparently he stepped on and just face planted and was thrown backwards. My husband said he had to stop and get off and walk away because he was laughing so hard.


I did the same thing as Jeff just last week...all my weight landed on my left shin when I missed the box! Still hurts!


I smashed two of my fingers in between two dumbbells fingernails fell off. It took $4000 to put my fingers back together ha ha


My dad dropped a 45 lbs plate on his foot. Taking it off the bench bar and slipped out of his hand. Shattered his foot.


My husband dislocated his shoulder doing 80lb decline dumbbell press


Fell down the bleachers and broke the fence at the bottom, breaking its already broken again links, and fell on the two runners who were sitting on the ground below... broke two ribs and bruised EVERYWHERE


Doing medicine ball slams last week ball came up and slammed be in the chin. Bruise is finally almost gone. At least it wasn't my nose...


I had a guy dropped a 45 pound dumbbell on my big toe completely smashed it! Broke the bone did not feel good!


I was doing the insanity workout and i broke two of my toes then as i was on the floor my brother had come through the front door. Just my luck the door hit me.


Tore my rotater cuff in prison working out.


I was benching around 250 and my shoulder popped out of its socket. Dropped all the weight on my chest.


Laying on my back using an elastic band with my toe through the handle and holding onto the other end under my chin working my calf muscle. Brought my toe too far back under tension. The handle rolled off my toe, springing to the bridge of my nose. It bloodied my nose and blackened my eyes. Told my family I got into a fight with a football player.


I was once doing bench hops , then landed weird and got a HUGE bruise when I landed on my butt


My 8th grade math teacher was lifting weights. He dropped them on his face and he now he spits EVERYWHERE when he talks.


Tore my ACL when I slipped on someone's sweat. Mop up your fluids!


Running up the stairs to the second floor at the gym and missed the step! Jacked my knee up and scraped up my shin


I was at the nike outlet last week and over heard a Girl saying she dropped a barbell on her FACE!! She was all drugged up saying she couldn't even smile


Dropped a 70# dumb bell on my face. Gave out while arms above my head