my best friend if 20 years was hurting for work and i paid him to do our siding... yeah i never saw him again


THE worst sub contractors! Don't ever build a home from them. They hire the cheapest, crappiest subs and they do shotty work.


I had a contractor take me for $15,000. Won lawsuit and now can't find the guy.


Gave contractor 3000 to build entertainment center never saw him again.


My husband lays flooring in new homes being built and the things he sees and corners being cut is terrible. Contractors are lazy cheap bastards


Contractor had to come patch up our ceiling and was bleach spraying the mold. He did a shoddy job at sheet rock (it later cracked) and turns out he never sprayed the mold.


charged me $25,000 for a $5,000 Job the guy is a narcissist jerk. he lied about everything


this company hires homeless dudes. They have been stealing from us for months. We dont live in the house, but all our belongings are boxed in the basement. They have stolen thousands worth. And the drywall taping was done with blue painters tape. Never use someone thats a "buddy" connection!!!


Seriously the people working on my house wound take naps on my couch....