I had a 3rd wheel with my last roommate and she would insist and hanging out with me and the guys I was dating. Stretching and lotioning her legs


I have been married for 9 years and for the last 4 we have had a third wheel. He is always around, eating at our house, wants more attention


 I have a friend who is ALWAYS at my house, sleeping on my couch and gets in my fridge without permission.


hubs best friend was 3rd wheel 4 2yrs Finally told friend 2 go, he cried 2 my hubby. Told him friend hit on me.


I am totally the third wheel. I've known my bestie's boyfriend since grade school. Now We are all besties.


My best friends boyfriend was the third wheel. Couldn't if get a pedicure or shopping without him!


omg, I used to be the third wheel. My BFF and I were inseparable and drinking buddies. Her hubby would go to work in the morning and wake me up and tell me I could go get in their bed. I had my own house and was never there.


I think I need a 3rd wheel, I'm bored to death lol


friend always invites me out to have a beer and last minute he'll be like my wife is coming too. So I become Dat 3rd wheel 


My boyfriend has this -friend-who is a girl. I had to tell him he must get rid of her, she had a hard time getting it

3rd wheel is sibling-in-law that lives w/us. I sometimes feel like I'm competing for my husband's attention. &No personal conversations for us!


 3rd wheel; My best friend dated a girl all thru high school. Everyone called me Dupree, it was even put in the yearbook



I am the biggest third wheel my 2 best friends are dating I an even there when they make out


There is always an enabler with a third wheel. I started refusing to go out if he was invited. My husband got the message


I had my best friend always third wheeling in my last relationship, I didn't realize it at the time but I just found him boring so I wanted her there


 I had a 3rd wheel with my BF best friend for an entire year! Your BF has to be the one to talk to him


how shocked was I when my husband's cousin hopped in the back of our car to be dropped off - did I mention we were leaving our wedding reception?!


With my best friend and his wife. At his house playing some board game and the next thing I knew they were on top of each other going at it.


I was dating a guy for years and we had a third wheel friend of his that ended up being a leading reason breaking up


my husband cousin has lived with us Since we got together for 8 years now