I have gotten over 5000 dollars worth of car parts and labor for 300 dollars and a plate of cookies

my husband can never get service anywhere we go, so he sends me off on my own to look kind of dumb and the boobs draw in the help

I hired a girl cause of her big boobs.

I have had men come and buy SPECIFICALLY from me for my big boobs

my BFF got a free boob job. did not sleep with him. she gets free tires bills paid all sorts of stuff

I have big boobs, my boss treats me better then my co worked with A cups

I have received free merchandise at multiple concerts to the point friends would send me to grab them free stuff.

worked at a jewelry store years ago. A coworker asked me how I was able to sell more expensive engagement rings. We're pretty sure it was because I have bigger boobs

big boobs: in high school I was a D cup, and 125 pounds. I didn't have a car but it didn't matter, any guy would give me a ride anywhere I wanted

Ex is a dancer, before her boob job she made pretty good money but after she quit her second job because she was making so much money

I worked as a front desk clerk at a hotel and normally you don't get tips but I would get them all the time from old men because of my big boobs

I was hired to work for a university. Mostly everyone Had to have a bachelors Degree to work there... I was interviewed by two men and was the only person that didn’t have a degree. Thank you big boobs!