I had a friend who would always fight with her bf. We don’t really hang out anymore but every time we went out her bf would say something to piss her off


My parents, my bro and sis in law and my friend and her husband. We're talking name calling, put downs, curses, and comments about physical appearance 


My brother and his wife use to get in A fight every Sunday at our family dinners. Every Sunday she would take the kids and leave


my wife's friend and her husband always fight when she is around. And about the stupidest stuff like pants he wore that day.


My husband and I are friends with a couple that fight so bad sometimes they get in fist fights when there's alcohol involved.


my ex husband and I used to fight all the time, to the point that I told him in front of guests that I didn't love him


my hubby and I argue all the time. My baby brother took me out to an "intervention lunch" a couple weeks ago. I had no idea it was that bad.


my boyfriend just to love fighting In front of friends and would take polls to try to show me he was right


My sister and her fiancé fight in front of every one all the time. It's embarrassing being around them. They make a scene in public.


My brother and his wife do it all the time and I love it! It's so exciting!


My husband and I went to paris with some friends. They fought basically the entire time. It was awful!!!!


I punched my ex bf in the face during my friend's farewell because... He deserved it that's why.


My husband and I fight all the time in front of other people. I believe he does this so that he can get other people on his side.


Ugh, my father on law and his wife are the worst! Their fights get so ugly, horrible verbal abuse, calling his wife fat, ugly


so i worked at a bank. A newlywed couple came in to open up an account together. they fought for over an hour in front of me.


My fiance and I lnew a couple that would fight every time we went out to dinner with them. The worst was at Olive Garden when the girl was fed up