Every morning I have to go to 7-11 for chocolate chip muffins for my wife at least 345 days a yr

I watched 20/20 a few weeks ago and this lady ate ONLY French fries her whole entire life.

My brother eat frosted flakes every day that I've known him he's 36 years old

Nutella. Every single day for the past 6 years...

My ex eats chicken nuggets, fries and a coke from mcdonalds. EVERY DAY. He's 28 and super skinny. He's been doing this for practically his entire life.

I eat original flavor cream of wheat for every breakfast for the last 3 months. ... and three splendas in it :) sometimes for dinner also!

I HAVE to have a coke every single day. If I don't, my body goes through withdrawals. I am physically addicted to it and I can't stop

I drink 2 blue 0 carb rock stars every day

Ive eaten a pb&j sandwich and glass of milk every day for the last 7 years

I have eaten a turkey sandwich every day for the last 20 years....

I drink a twelve pack of coke every two days!! I'm 27 yrs old and weigh 140 lbs!

For about 6 months my poor husband ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and got the nickname PB&J at work

I HAVE to drink emergency c every single morning. It doesn't matter the flavor but I have to have it!

My sister eats a Oreo milkshake EVERY DAY for breakfast. And now her kids are doing it too. No lie, she buys 20 packages of Oreos A WEEK!!!

I eat popcorn everyday and have been doing it for the last 7 years. I eat it everyday for my meal at exactly 3 Oclock.

My father in law drinks 7 to 10 red bulls a day for the last 8 years

My grandpa is 85 and he has a bowl of cereal every night with honey on it.

I worked for a doctor that every day ate 2 pieces of homemade whole wheat toast dry with cottage cheese and peaches or pears with a glass of water for lunch every day

I used to eat white chocolate macadamia clif bars every breakfast and lunch.. All the soy made my nipples leak, and yes... I am a guy!

I work at a gas station and so many people come in to get the same exact things every day. I know them all by name. I have to have one piece of see's chocolate everyday.

I have to drink a fruit punch rockstar every day. I've done for the last six years every single day.

I eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day for breakfast

I eat a big hunk candy bar every night before bed.

I have a 52 oz mug I fill 2 to 3 times a day with diet Dr Pepper starting at 5 a.m. Absolute crutch and I love it!

My husband eats a turkey sandwich yogurt and 9 baby carrots everyday for lunch

I eat jalapeños everyday. I'm obsessed!! I can't wait to get off work in the morning to go home and eat them. My mouth waters just thinking about it.

I eat rocksalt every day, the kind that you use to melt ice on your driveway. it started when I was young and now I just can't stop

I eat a banana and peanut butter toast every morning for breakfast.

I have to have a Arnold Palmer half and half iced tea with a string cheese every day or i am grumpy

I work with a guy that only eats potatoes. Mashed, fried, baked...

I have a co worker who eats a bag of sweetish fish every day at lunch.

I have dr pepper everyday starting 1st thing in the morning. Till I go to bed

My dad is 65 and a retired firefighter. He has eaten an apple EVERYDAY for at least the last 20 years.

my husband drinks Tropicana fruit juice all day everyday. We go through 8 gallons a week.

I always have to have some ice cream! Every day whether it be just a cone or ice cream at home

 My husband eats a bowl of honeycombs every night a midnight

For the last 10+ yrs my mom eats eggs, ham and cheese every single morning.
My husband has a 1/3 of a chocolate muffin we get from Costco and a cup of milk that he measures out exactly for breakfast. He's done that for the 20 years

My dad eats two bagels with tons of butter everyday. he is 81 and won't eat anything else