Working as a massage therapist I did dressed down a lot, my hair was always in a bun, and hardly any makeup on. Let's just say I had too many bad experiences perverts!

My mom always asks me to not get ready when were going to a mexican restaurant, the awkward stares lol

My 22 yr old daughter dresses down often when out. Guys hit on her all the time, it gets pretty annoying for her.

I dress down because I work with tons of guys and get hit on constantly and I get a lot less respect when I look cute versus when I wear a baseball cap and jeans.

Yep, I totally dress down so guys won't look. The whistling gets old real fast. What gets me, guys get mad at women who don't respond! WTH?!

I work as a therapist, and I have to dress down most days for work. I have worked at the homeless shelter, a methadone clinic, and now a psych ward. It's the only way to avoid inappropriate comments by my clients

I'm in nursing school and I'll purposely not do my hair or makeup to prevent getting hit on by patients

I was always getting hit on at my job and my boyfriend didn't like it so I cut my hair in a pixie cut and it stopped.

I was being harassed at work by a director of our company and started to not wear makeup or dress nice to get him to leave me alone.

YES I get really uncomfortable simply Going to the grocery store. I have dressed down multiple times in public.

I wear sweats when I go to stores now because I recently got engaged and it makes me uncomfortable to get hit on. Even at work it is a problem.

I do at the gym. I won't wear tight yoga pants or anything like that. I enjoy working out not getting hit on so I wear sweats and a baggy t shirt

My mom always tells me I should dress down after work cause I get on Trax and walk to my car alone downtown

Not only do I sometimes dress down but I also wear my wedding ring from my first marriage to make men think I'm unavailable. Still doesn't stop some of them

I work alone writing tickets at a university until 10pm and I dress down in sweats and other baggy clothes so I look like a guy when closing the gates after my shift

I dress down ALL the time... Not only for the lesser of the maintenance, but seriously... People STARE!!!! And it's nice to blend in and not get hit on in the library for Gods sake

I use to work at a cafe inside of a trucking company and would purposely not get as ready cause I hate getting hit on by the truckers. Even when I was 9 months pregnant they would ask if I want to hang out after I get off. Ew

Im a nurse at the jail and dress down because of all the comments from the pervs and dirybags. Its suprising how many prisoners think they really have a chance.

Let me start with I'm not an ok girl not gorgeous or anything but I work with a shop full of men and I get a long better with them when I come to work in my sweats... Also avoids problems with the wives...

m 50 pounds over weight. I get hit on a lot. It's annoying yet really surprising. I always wonder what would happen if I was in shape and lost 50 pounds

This is the story of my life. I'm a 6ft blonde, with a personality -I'm never invisible. I always take time to make sure I'm not too over the top and hell yes, I often dress down (hair/makeup/clothes) when want a bit of anonymity.

I work in a warehouse with men. With DDD's I have to dress down or no one gets work done.