My mom is identical twin. One night she woke up with her left arm burning and aching. The next day we found out her twin was in the hospital with an allergic reaction to morphine with the IV in the left arm.

I have twins. one of them that's living with me went into the hospital with kidney and bladder infections. When I talked to her twin in California the next day she said that her back hurt so bad and she couldn't ride the rides at SeaWorld. She didn't know about the hospitalization until that time.

I am a twin and she knew I was in trouble when I got a dui

I'm a twin, every time Ive got a concussion my twin sister has got a headache.

My wife is a twin and knew that her sister was pregnant before her sister did because my wife was having symptoms

My twin sister and I are a little psychic. She got lost in the woods once and I happened to find her. We always burst into song at the same time and it's the same song and line, and we have the same thoughts at the same time.

When I was on my mission, I woke up one morning and felt like something bad had happened. My companion thought I was nuts, but I called my mission president and told him to call my house. He called me back and told me that everything was ok, but my twin sister's appendix had burst and she was in the hospital. She had been medically dead for two minutes about the exact time I had called my mission president.

We are identical twin sisters and we send each other the same birthday card every year. We live in separate states and we are 56 years old.

I have sisters that are identical twins. They would have the same nightmares and wake up yelling at the same time when they were younger. They also know when the other is going into labor.

I'm a twin and my sister and I used to sleep in separate bedrooms but we would talk to each other in our sleep across the hall

My twin sister and I have very similar dreams .most of which are teeth are falling out. And we get sick at the same time.

I'm a twin! My sister and I always get headaches at the same time! Really weird

My daughters Dad is an identical twin. While his brother was serving over seas a few years ago he got hit in the leg with shrapnel. At the same time he got terrible leg pain. It was crazy!

I have 7 yr old fraternal boy/girl twins, when they were only a few months old, we would separate them and tickle one of them, and the other one would laugh

My dad is a twin and one time we were driving to church and my Dad got a blank look on his face and pulled the car over saying he had to call his twin. Come to find out, his twin was just in a pretty bad car accident minutes before

My moms a twin and every time her and her twin show up somewhere they're always wearing the same thing

My husband is a twin and he and his twin had surgery on the exact same thing on the same day while on their missions, unbeknownst to each other.