8 yrs together. Husband has to be very early to airport and then is a jerk because he can't stand waiting around the airport. We argue constantly.


My new husband had a melt down freak out on a car trip because we were listening to music and singing. Nothing but glen beck is allowed if he's in the car. He screamed and swore at my two teenage kids. No one spoke for the rest of the trip. He's no longer invited on our car trips


My husband is a terrible car traveler.


My husband I don't even travel well to the grocery store.


My husband is a jet mechanic and points out that things are missing on the airplane wing or things dont look right as were taking off...i hate flying with him


my husband suffers from severe pre-trip trauma. He is an absolute nightmare to travel with he is an overly prepared Boy Scout that freaks out at anything


I travel internationally once or twice a year, but my husband never goes w/ me. He doesn't like to fly.


I have been married for 4 years to my wife. I hate traveling with her she doesn't handle things well. We had a flight cancelled on our honeymoon & she freaked out


Disneyland the happiest place on earth! !! Not with my husband .. 13 yrs married and only been on 3 vacations


Been married for 6 years. I don't travel well. I get so nervous and have super bad tummy aches. I get anxious and take it out on my poor husband