We have absolutely nothing in common I can't stand being around him and after 22 years of it I'm thinking of calling it quits :(

Dated a guy for 9 years...seriously zilch in common!! Now married to a guy we have TONS in common! Way better!!

My ex husband and his wife of 2 yrs are complete opposite. And it affects mine and his kids in the worst way!!

Married 25 years nothing in common I love sports and being social...the old man doesn't like sports and is antisocial. He lets me do my own thing and he does his.

My husband and I have been married for 23 years and have nothing in common.

My inlaws seem to have nothing in common. They lead separate active lives. Awkward to see them kiss.

Other than sex, we got nothin'. But the sex is so good and he's a good man so I'm not going anywhere.

I'm a big outdoorsman hunting fishing my wife is an animal rights activist now that's an odd couple but I love her with all my heart

Me and my spouse literally have 0 in common aside from our laid back personalities and even that changed once we had kids. Sometimes it's true opposites attract I guess

They have been married for 37 years and literally have absolutely nothing in common but somehow they always make it work. They also support each other fully in all of their endeavors even with all the eye rolling at the dumb things they attend with and for each other

My wife and I are opposites. We hate each others music. We like different movies so sometimes I watch mine bc I know she hates them We are opposites in what we think is ok for our kids outfits

My in-laws have nada in common. She's really into fitness, has run 17 marathons, etc. Loves being a mom and grandma to her kids and grand kids. Not the brightest but loves the simple life and is a real people pleaser to her kids and grand kids. He's a real techy, nerdy type. Very intellectual.