Two words: video games

Bedtime! I insist on a bedtime and hubby says whenever.

Beating my kid, excuse me, disciplining and spanking my kid. Wife doesn't agree with any type of spanking

What to let him eat AND what to dress him in. We both have very different styles.

Allowances husband says yes .i say no

Clothes for 12 year old daughter.     

Swearing, junk food and more "mature" topics of discussion

My wife and I disagree on private school vs public school

I want to help pay for our kids' college and my husband doesn't.

I think high school kid should work and my husband thinks they shouldn't work because are going to have to work the rest of their lives

Sleep training! I want to let him cry it out so he can learn to self soothe, but my husband will run in at any little peep our baby makes

Being fair with gifts, life isn't fair get over it--blended family

We have an 18-month-old baby boy who does not sleep through the night I think we should make him stay in his room and self Soothe she grabs him and bring them in the bed with us.

My husband thinks I shouldn't clean my kids room I can't stand the mess

I am a Christian my husband is an atheist. We occasionally have disagreements regarding teaching our children about God or not. He is usually very respectful of my views and the fact that I want to raise my children Christian, but occasionally he makes snide remarks. That has been tough.

The pressure my husband puts on my 11 year old for sports