This lady is psycho!! Haha. I'm embarrassed for her family! Welcome to Utah county lol

Stupid. Victoria secret is worse

So stupid. PAC sun couldn't buy the publicity they are getting right now Several people will be shopping here now She totally upped their sales

They can relax!! Leave the shirts!!

Good for her. Keep that stuff in the back of the store, not in the display.

I worked at Victoria's Secret and people would complain about the mannequins..... grow up!

Stupid!!!! Grow up. This is life lady. If you don't like it don't look

DISAGREE... matter fact I have the shirt!!

I say.. Good for her! I don't want my little ones seeing it.

I think it's PATHETIC. Who cares! What's the point of buying them then returning them?? People need to grow up. That's Utah for you

If people want to have those shirts, they can, but people shouldn't have to look at them if they don't want to. Keep out of display.

I think she did what she wanted to do and good for her.

I think she's absolutely ridiculous... I hope she isn't able to return em for full price.

Typical Utah mom.

I think she went to far!! I guarantee her kid sees and hears more when he's at school and out in public!!! And that kid is probably way embarrassed

This story is ridiculous! Don't like what's on tv/radio change the channel... Don't like what someone is selling? Keep walking!!!

I totally disagree! Grow the heck up lady. This says a lot about the UC, and how her boy will grow up. Too sheltered

People need to just leave things alone. It's not your place to complain. No one likes someone pushing their beliefs on everyone else

Suppression leads to Perversion! This Lady is a great example y this state has so many sexually effed up People!
Oh seriously come on! Get over it! She needs to get over it! She is definitely from Utah


Don't agree with her! Too extreme.

Hell no. So lame. I say the store refuse to return them like she's planning

I agree with Frankie, that's a bit much

I completely disagree I don't think she should make the choice for everyone that wants to wear those shirts

I seriously hope she misses the return date and has to eat the cost of the shirts. Welcome to real life outside of Happy Valley

If you want to live an Amish lifestyle move to an Amish community!!!

The woman did the right thing. The shirts were inappropriate for public display.

she is crazy! just trying to censor what everybody else can see

No...something extreme....but not surprising from that area.
F'ing utah! Keep walking and don't let your kid buy it. Your not getting brownie points in heaven for wasting your money lady

It's probably the same lady that had a problem with the grooming shop "Oh My Dog"

I don't think there's anything wrong with people trying to help define what's acceptable or not we just let too much stuff slide these days are kids are exposed to sexuality way too early now I personally wouldn't have stood up like that but that's just me

You can't boil the ocean. But you can boil a cup of water. Good for her for standing up for what she believes in, and maybe doing so will make others decide to do the same.

Spencer's gift store is probably crossing their fingers that she'll go in there!!

A little ridiculous, you see more provocative pictures from Disney princesses.

I do not condone pornography in anyway. But she went waaaaayyyy too far with it.

If they are too provocative to show on tv, then they probably shouldn't display them. Keep them inside the store.

The US has sold sex for years. If we were open and upfront about to our children we could defuse the propaganda.

I'm not LDS or super conservative but I can understand her position. I wouldn't have gone that far I would have made a complaint but she's standing for her beliefs and making a point

No. Lame!!!

I thinks if anything all she did was give the store more recognition

I appreciate people who draw the line and say enough is enough

Does she realize how many malls there are. How many pac suns? She didn't get em off display. Plus they reorder what they sell for their inventory

Another parent teaching her son not to be responsible for his own thoughts about women.

That lady is crazy

Lady needs to control what she can her house her child etc, not the world lol

that is not the approach I would take because I welcome the opportunity to talk to my children and teach them my values.... That said, I also applaud this mom for doing what she felt she should do.

if she bought all the shirts.... didn't she support the pornography that she that was offensive...? ? ?

Took it to far. Do we not have the freedom to choose.