My BOSS constantly takes credit for stuff I do.

I am a stylist I have a client who's hair I've colored and done for years. A beauty school used her as a model for an advertisement.

My boss is never at her desk and expects me to do all her work. When the bosses ask what she does for 8 hours a day she tells them she has been doing what me and my team have really been doing

Took parts of a Rolling Stone article for a college paper. Professor submitted it to the school paper and sure enough it got in.

I stole my ex bosses idea an took it to the head boss of the company.

I copied a roommate's biology paper in college that she got an A on. I got a C. We had different TA's but it was the exact same paper.

Back in College, I had to write a 6 page paper on someone we interviewed. Well needless to say, I used a car stereo magazine for the paper and changed the title

Happens all the time at work. I mention an idea of something I am doing and my co worker runs with like it was her project. She brags about it and gets credit for a good portion of my work. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut!

I found a report online and my professor never knew I didn't type one sentence

I just took an open note final, and submitted my friends pre-written essay! Oops.....

I plagiarized a ten page ethics paper... I know.

I do hair and nails and someone stole all my pictures of the nails I've done from my Facebook page and posted them on one of those sale sites as their own and she wasn't licensed let's just say she had to pay an extremely huge fine and I learned my lesson to put my name on everything I do

My old boss would shoot down my ideas. Never failed within 2 weeks she would announce she has a brilliant idea she is implementing. Yep my idea

About 9 years ago I straight up purchased an entire research paper for writing 1010. Didn't write a word of it. I felt terrible after but I got an A

While in college I did a semester separate from my husband at another school. we both took English I did a final paper we both turned it in. at my university I got a C, at his he received an A for the same paper. plagiarism at its worst.
I'm a senior in high school and about 95% of my work this year wasn't mine

My fiancé asked to use a thesis paper of mine for some ideas, she copy and pasted half of it. It's now in the system so I can never use my own paper!

Used the lyrics from a song as a poem I was supposed to write in English in High School. The teacher loved it!

Took my brothers science fair project the year after he submitted it . I got an honorable mention ribbon and he got nothing. Oh burn!

My son tried to plagiarize a book report. He got caught now has a U for citizenship. He makes me crazy!!!