I work for DCFS and my clients go around me all the time to my supervisor and my supervisor

The boss`s son

I manage a sandwich shop and my employees find any loop hole they can find and will do something I specifically told them not to

My mom will ask my wife about a get together and if we have plans and we cannot do it my mama later come and ask me if we can get together for that same event

My Mom! She asks each child until she gets the answer she wants.

I go around my sister with my nephews when she says no all the time.. They know that if her or her husband say no, I will let them.. I'm the cool uncle.. :)

If I tell my mother in law we can't make it to something because we have plans, she'll go around me to my husband to make him feel guilty and change our minds

I'm a teacher and sometimes when students don't do their work and are passing my class they try to do make up work right at the end of term and when I say no they have their parents call me with some nasty words

I'm a supervisor that had to reprimand an employee, and the employee went around me two bosses up and lied and said I reprimanded them for no reason got reversed

My mother in law does this ALL the time. I will tell her NO to something and she will text or call my husband and ask him. She knows that he will say yes

I work at a school. There's three teachers in the classroom. One student will go around and asked every teacher until he finds the right answer.

I'm a teacher. Students' parents go around me all the time to principal to change grades

My sister will call me asking to borrow money from me when I tell her no she'll call my mom and have my mom call me ask the same thing

Patients will keep calling in our office to try to get around a no answer!

Lady at work wanted to use conference room for a lunch. Asked 7 ppl to get someone to say yes. Never got it

My employees! They run to each manager until they hear the answers they want.

All the time people at work. If they don't get the answer they want they will go to someone else and try and get the answer they want

My wife does this all the time, I tell her no about buying something or not right now and she goes straight to her mom because she just can't wait or take no for an answer

At work someone doesn't like an answer so they call the VP who doesn't know the impact of why the answer was no but over-ride it anyway. poop trickles down hill

I work in retail. Associates always go around the mgrs to leave early or change their schedules.